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"We are so honored to receive the World Gym for Life Challenge in 2021 in the wonderful city of Lisbon! Everything is being carefully prepared to meet your needs and expectations.

It is a great sense of responsibility that we, together with Lisbon City Hall took this organization, with the conscience and the drive to work very hard in every single detail to make sure that this will be a unique experience for each and every participant.

The outstanding Altice Arena and the city of Lisbon will be the perfect stage for you and you will be perfect for Lisbon!

The countdown is on and we cannot wait for the moment when we will receive the Gymnastics for All Worldwide community.
Bring your Gymnastics. Please come to Lisbon were you will, no doubt, feel at home.

See you here!"

João Paulo Rocha
President of the Gymnastics Federation of Portugal


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 13 de Julho, 2021

 00H00 - 23H45


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